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May 4, 2013

Fall prevention requires high attention

Falls from heights are a significant problem on construction sites, resulting in serious injury and death of workers.

“There is NO place for complacency in fall prevention”
, reports Safe to Work, a community hub for workplace safety in Australia, after roofing contractors have been put on notice: ensure you use fall protection systems, or face fines. You can read the full article here.

Working Safely at Heights course covers both theoretical and practical aspects of working at height. The course provides:
1. An outline of the legislation relating to work at heights.
2. A guide to the options on how to comply.
3. A background in how equipment can be utilised to achieve this.
4. The details behind the equipment standards to ensure usage within the intended purpose.
5. The criteria for issue, ID marking, inspection, record keeping, maintenance, storage and withdrawal from service.
6. Practical use of height safety equipment and systems

See our course calendar for next scheduled Working Safely at Heights in Nowra or our other South Coast NSW venues.