ISC Triple Action Snap Hook
ISC Alloy Triple Action Snap Hook 27kN
September 21, 2016
ISC Tether for Rope Wrench
September 21, 2016
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ISC Rope Wrench



The ZK2 Rope Wrench is a friction device that allows a climber to ascend, descend and work on a single rope (SRT) with a friction hitch.

Developed by Kevin Bingham of Singing Tree a well known Arborist from the USA. The ZK2 has been developed as the first mass market `Friction Management Device`; with the help of ISC it is now mid-line attachable, lightweight and rope friendly with curved edges and a pulley wheel. The stiff tether forces the Rope Wrench to quickly engage or disengage. This responsiveness optimizes your climbing experience.

The ZK2 It is not intended for use as a primary support. It is imperative that the Rope Wrench be used with the correct tether. Using no or the incorrect tether could result in severe injury or death.