DMM Ultra O Locksafe Alloy Carabiner Karabiner (PACK OF 3)
December 6, 2016
DMM REVOLVER Roll Clip Lightweight Carabiner
December 6, 2016
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DMM Sidewinder Swivle Locksafe Carabiner Karabiner Alloy


DMM Sidewinder Swivle Locksafe Carabiner Karabiner Alloy

Approved to EN362:2004/T

Directional connector incorporating a swivel feature

Taperlock clean nose for increased gate push in and side resistance

Hot forged and fully heat treated aluminium for lightness and maximum strength

Anodised to BS EN 7599:2010 AA10 Sealed for corrosion protection

Ideal for use as the end connector on a lanyard where twisting is a problem

Recommended also for use when connecting to a guided type fall arrestor

Individually marked for traceability

Variant Strength (Gate Closed) Gate Opening Weight Colour Cat no
Sidewinder LS 25kN 19mm 235g BLT A98K71
Sidewinder LS – Black 25kN 19mm 235g Black A98K71
Sidewinder LS – Olive 25kN 19mm 235g Olive A98K71
Sidewinder LS – Sand 25kN 19mm 235g Sand A98K71