Petzl Pur'Anneau Sling
PETZL PUR’ANNEAU Lightweight Durable Sling
September 15, 2017
LINQ H202 Tactician Multi-Purpose Harness
LINQ H202 Tactician Multi-Purpose Harness
September 15, 2017
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Superclip Red (Rock Climbing)


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Superclip Red

Rock Climbers who climb Sport routes will love the Superclip. It allows the user to clip the first bolt on a route, saving the climber from having to chance a potential ground fall. Now you can easily attach and retrieve carabiners and quickdraws instantly with the new SUPERCLIP.

Weighing less than 57 gms (2 ounces) and made from stainless spring steel, the Superclip is built to last. The innovative design holds virtually any standard size carabiner in the open position for attachment to an anchor or rope.

To use, simply attach it to any standard extension pole then push a carabiner into the superclip. It will now hold your carabiner open for attachment to an anchor or rope. To retrieve your carabiner or quickdraw, simply position superclip under the carabiner or quickdraw and push up to engage.

The standard Superclip can be used with any nonlocking carabiner used for rockclimbing purposes, including wiregate, nonwiregate, oval or the new smaller lightweight carabiners.