MSA Confined Space Kit w/ 15m Workman Rescuer
September 24, 2018
September 28, 2018
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MSA Confined Space Kit w/ 15m Workman Rescuer & 20m Winch


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MSA Confined Space Kit w/ MSA Confined Space Kit w/ 15m Workman Rescuer & 20m Winch

MSA Confined Space Tripod kit for entry and rescue. Tripod confined space entry kits provide simple ordering with all the necessary components for a complete safety system. Kits are ideal for applications in tanks, manholes and other vertical entry work practices.

MSA Confined Space Kits come complete with all the essentials required for a safe entry, exit and retrieval from a confined space. Intuitively designed, the Workman® range of products minimises extensive user training and setup time by being simple, easy to use and fast to assemble.

Kits come standard with a Workman® Premier Harness (Medium), Workman® Tripod, 15m Workman Rescuer, 20m Winch, 2 x Pulleys, 2 x Carabiners, Duffel Bag and Spreader Bar. Kits include all components required for assembly.

The Workman® Tripod
Easy to Use. Durable. Versatile.

The Workman® Tripod is very easy to use. Simple setup makes the process quick and promotes correct operation.

Ease-of-use features:
• Legs automatically lock in open position for added safety.
• Maximum height indicator provides quick and easy identification of maximum leg extension length.
• Accessories attach to any leg for faster setup.
• Aluminium leg and head design reduces weight, improving portability.
• Telescoping legs (up to 8 ft. high) do not tangle when unit is collapsed for easier transportation and storage.

Workman® Rescuer
MSA’s Workman Rescuer provides fast, easy and intuitive fall protection with integral bi-directional retrieval capability. Not only does the Workman Rescuer arrest the fall, its retrieval capability allows the fallen worker to ascend or descend to a safe location. This durable, economical addition to the Workman Series of products offers fast installation and setup, ideal for applications where time and ease of use are a priority. The Workman Rescuer is also a stand-alone retractable device, as the carrying handle may be used as an anchorage attachment.

Features & Benefits
The Workman Rescuer offers these standard features:
• User capacity up to 140kg for personnel
• Stainless steel 3/16″ wire rope
• Integral mounting bracket
• Colour-coded switch for retrieval mechanism activation
• Ergonomic, stainless steel carrying handle can also be used
as anchorage connection point
• Built-in shock absorber
• Robust aluminium housing with thermoplastic bumpers
• Self-locking swivel snaphook with load indicator
• Stow-able, foldable crank handle
• RFID-enabled
• Certified to EN 360 and complies with AS/NZ 1891.3

Workman® Rescuer Specifications
• Net weight: 16.3kg (includes bracket)
• Crank handle material: Carbon steel with zinc plating
• Housing material: Cast aluminium
• Lifting and lowering gear ratio: Gear ratio: 5:1
• Maximum free fall distance: 0.6m
• Maximum deceleration distance: 1.4m
• Maximum arresting force: 6kN

Workman® Winch
Features & Benefits

All Workman Winches have several standard features:
• Rated working load 140 kg for personnel and 225 kg for materials
• An open drum wound with 5 mm cable
• Built-in shock absorber
• Clutched drive to prevent winch overload and reduce the possibility of injury to a person if caught on a structural member during lifting
• Double-braking system
• Robust plastic housing and mounting bracket
• Self-locking swivel snaphook
• Manual foldable crank handle
• Level wind mechanism for a tangle-free cable drum
• RFID-enabled

Workman® Winch Specifications
Maximum working load Personnel: 140 kg
Materials: 225 kg
Line diameter Cable: 5 mm
Minimum line strength Cable: 14.7 KN
Net weight with 20 m of line Cable: 12.8 kg
Swivel snaphook gate opening: 21 mm
Crank force to lift 400 lbs (181 kg): 133 N
Cranking diameter: 56 cm
Avg. lifting speed 181 kg load: 4 m/min