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HAAS Regular Ascent System


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The HAAS is a unique ascent tool designed by Michael Frankhauser of Ohio. It gives the climber an easier and faster way to ascend. It can be added to double rope systems, SRT systems, with the Rope Wrench, the Hitchiker, or without. The HAAS features a fully integrated knee ascender that captures all of the advancement made by your other foot. If you ever thought it would be cool to use two foot ascenders, here is your chance. The HAAS is sold in regular length and long length.

The Haas is still being made in Ohio by Michael Frankhauser, but now it’s being made with a rope that is custom made for this application by Tuefelberger. The Haas works by utilizing the length of lower tether to house operational bungie, which then transfers its energy to advancing the ascender up via the hollow tether. The result is a clean, small, light, efficient, cost effective ascent system. A foot ascender and a HAAS is an entire ascent system for SRT or DRT. It can be added and removed from your system in a matter of seconds and can be set up with all current life support systems. It is sold in two lengths, regular and long.

Strong and simple
Straight inline pull
100% captured advancement of other foot
Can be used in right or left foot application
Allows for very fast and easy ascent
Ease of operation
Fast setup
Faster and more ergonomic than foot locking
NOT life support, only to be used to advance your system
Basic Concept
Until now, only one foot ascender could be used. The HAAS deals with this by moving the operational range of the “other foot” above the foot with the traditional foot ascender. The key is the patent pending integrated bungee design which runs the length of the lower tether giving it full operational range of pull.

Materials Used
Custom Teufelberger Rope
Full Brass Swivel Boat Snap
Superior Grade Bungie
Custom Line
CT Chest Ascender

The regular HAAS puts the middle of the ascender 16 inches above the top of your foot.